Roseanna's Cafe

1490 Pacific Ave.
Oceanside, OR 97134


Cafe Hours:
Thanksgiving - Closed
Closed Nov 27, Reopen Dec 20
Xmas eve - Closed
Xmas day - Closed
Sun-Mon 12pm - 7pm
Tues, Wed - Closed
Thur, Fri, Sat  12:00 – 8:00 pm

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The Beach

  • High Temperatures == Trip to the Coast!

    Today and tomorrow the temperature will be climbing to 90 degrees F in Portland and the Willamette Valley - BUT at the coast we're looking at a very comfortable high of 80 with most of today and tomorrow at 72 degrees.  Besides coming to Oceanside to cool off, it's an excellent time of year to visit Oceanside and Roseanna's Cafe.  Our daily lunch specials are...

  • Parking

    There's plenty of parking!

  • Oceanside Beach Rules

    Just in case you were wondering what you can and can't do on the beach while visiting Oceanside....