Roseanna's Cafe
1490 Pacific Ave.
Oceanside, OR 97134

(503) 842-7351

Cafe Winter Hours:
Monday-Friday 11am-8pm
Saturday 10am-8pm
Sunday 10am-6pm
(serving lunch all day Sun)

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Feb 14, 2017Valentines Day! BE MINE 2017Posted In: Valentines

roseannas cafe 2017 valentines

Need a place to take your sweetheart or the family out for Valentine's Day? Roseanna’s Cafe is the place to be! Dine with us today with a beautiful ocean view in scenic Oceanside, Oregon! Whether you are enjoying our famous Clam Chowder or finishing up your meal with our classic Cheesecake, it is sure to be a scrumptious experience for you and your loved ones!


Build some new memories and join us in celebrating the ones you love, while enjoying a fresh seafood meal made with it too!

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